About the CH 148 Cyclone


The CH-148 Cyclone will replace the CH-124 Sea King as Canada’s main ship-borne maritime helicopter. This state-of-the-art aircraft will fill the Canadian Armed Forces’ operational demands well into the 21st century.

The Cyclone will conduct Surface and Subsurface Surveillance and Control, utility and search and rescue missions. It will also provide tactical transport for national and international security efforts. This twin-engine helicopter is compatible with the latest high-tech naval frigates and includes several new safety features. Its aluminum and composite airframe is built with lightning-strike and high-intensity radio frequency pulse protection. The aircraft also incorporates flaw tolerance and engine burst containment.

The Cyclone has a day-and-night flight capability, and can fly in most weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -51°C to +49°C. With a maximum cruise speed of 250 km/h, the CH-148 is approximately 10% faster than a Sea King. The Cyclone can also fly 450 km without refuelling.

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Sea King 417 – Original Navy Paint Scheme – Heading to West Coast

Photo taken by Mark Girdauskas in St. Thomas ON in July 2018 – photo credit to Spitzky Media.

Photo taken by Major Don Philip in Ottawa in June 2018

Photo taken as CH12417 departs Shearwater for the final time – from Facebook post by Jake Buchanan

Sea King Final Operational Flights

Congratulations to Shearwater’s 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron on it’s final East Coast Sea King operational flight. This is indeed a historic milestone that has been a long time coming.

Initially acquired by the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian CH124 Sea King has had an illustrious career. In operation for over 50 years, Sea Kings have provided direct support to the Royal Canadian Navy, the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Canadian Army. We salute the dedicated aircrew and technicians, past and present, who have enabled the Sea King to deliver a diverse operational capability to the Canadian Armed Forces.

As 12 Wing continues to pass the torch from the Sea King to the new Cyclone throughout this year, planning is well underway on the West Coast to officially mark the retirement of the venerable Sea King in December, 2018. 12 Wing’s 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron in Pat Bay, BC would like to invite all current and past members of Canada’s naval aviation community to help mark this historic occasion. 


Photos by DND

Photos by Logan White

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Differentiate yourself from the competition by supporting the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Air Force, and Canada as they say farewell to the longest serving aircraft of the air force and navy, the CH-124 Sea King Helicopter. Limited opportunities remain, so contact us now to be a part of our Esquimalt and Pat Bay activities! Email to discuss.

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